A must-see in Morocco! Ouzoud waterfalls and my mixed feelings

The good and the bad from our trip 

It started as usual (for me) - I was searching for places to visit in the area of Marrakesh and few minutes after, it was clear - Ouzoud waterfalls are my must see. They were amazing even on the photos.

We've reserved this trip ahead and then a little bus came and took us to the parking site nearby the waterfalls. From that point, a guide took guard, and he stated that his services are paid right away. Nobody wanted to walk alone, so it seemed that everybody understood.

Look at this view! When I see this photo, even today I have a feeling that I was there alone. Me, waterfalls and their sound.

We were an interesting group. A family with children, group of elder friends and a group of perfectly dressed and styled girls with their neverending grumbling, and I had a feeling that they would start crying any minute if they weren't afraid of ruined makeup. When we all managed to walk down the little hill (some of us with big problems), we stopped on the very bottom, where locals take tourists on the little boats right underneath the waterfall. It costs 20 dirhams (2€) and doesn't last more than 10 minutes, but that view is amazing! Although it splashes a lot ;)

Finally, we got really hungry, so we ate in the open-air restaurant, that made happy mainly our fellow lazy girls. Then, walking along small shops, donkeys with loads and old women and children selling oregano, we were on our way to the place I was most excited about - monkey's place. My advice is to take some nuts with you and they will jump wherever you want 😀. I haven't seen or heard about them stealing things as on other places, but be careful just in case.

The most beautiful cheers (even though the food wasn't best) and a monkey on my head. It was worth coming here :)
Leaving that place wasn't easy, all the more with an argue between the guide and our lazy girls, who refused to pay 3 € for his 3- or 4-hour services.
And I see it this way. My priority is also to save as most money as possible (I mean, look at the name of my site), but just for the sake of investing in something that's worth it. Even more if you can afford hair clips, gel nails and expensive clothes.

So, this trip made me feel weird. Another time, I would rather travel there alone, because this beauty doesn't deserve fighting and negative energy. I would love to have myself and sound of water only.

Journey from Marrakesh to Ouzoud is pretty scenic

Hey, watch my adventure in motion here:

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