Through the narrow Venetian streets | Úzkymi Benátskymi uličkami

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World's narrowest streets and their secrets

It was partly rainy, but still sunny when we visited the city on the water. Although little bit foggy, we enjoyed all the venice colors gradually emerging in front of us.

As we were slowly arriving by the boat to our destination, it spread right before our eyes, uncovering towers of city far behind. Later we could even count all the windows of the nearest buildings and then, we finally gone ashore onto the cranky wooden dock. The whole new world arose before our eyes. The world of narrow streets… 

... of houses with window blinds hiding citizens from curious tourists…

… alongside the shabby houses also representing Venice as well.

But afterall, who wouldn't love venetian architecture? Crossing the stone streets, numerous bridges and small balconies, we are wondering, with all the admiration and respect, about city's untouched existence. Venice’s standing here in its beauty and fade.

It's not difficult to hide in Venice. Just grab a mask.

And there is always room for unexpected.  Like for a portrait…

... of easter eggs!

It's difficult not to meet well-dressed Italian women in Venice. Or, at least, enough-dressed models.

After all those curiosities, all the breathtaking places, we are admiring Venice from Ponte Di Rialto. At least 'till next time…

© I.V.