An island of colors | Najfarebnejší ostrov

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An island that makes everybody smile 

Last time I wrote about Venice and I will stay very close this time. Only few kilometres away from Venice lies a treasure that many turists still haven't discovered yet, the island of Burano, actually far away from crowded and comercialized Venice.

It is said that there's a norm in Burano forbidding painting two neighbouring houses the same color and it works perfectly, because the first thing you see when ariving at this place are all the colors. Simply, Burano, it is a wonderful world in the middle of Venetian chaos that makes everybody smile.
Isn't it beautiful?

However, little things make Burano beautiful. Cozy cafés, lace-makers in their shops, old men sitting on the benches in front of their homes, smiling. All of this combined with pretty colors, that's perfection.

To end this (truly) panegyric article, I proclaim Burano to be the most photogenic place in this world. And the best place for dreaming, too.

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