In search of the waterfall | Hľadanie vodopádu

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 The most beautiful waterfall I've seen so far

To see some beautiful places, people use to travel thousands of kilometres. There are still lots of Slovaks that don't know about pretty places just outside their door. A hike to Šútov waterfall is definitelly one of them.  

Our first stop was the quarry in Šútovo. Its rocks look like stairs hiding a green lake inside. In hot summer days, a lot of people visit this place to bathe, but when it's cloudy like the day we visited it, you meet no one. Well, at least we had some privacy :)
The quarry is really big. And yes, that little black spot is me :)
The path to the waterfall is very interesting itself as you can see minor waterfalls along the way. Its duration (walking very slowly, playing a word game) is approximately 2 hours.

And then, after walking through more cranky paths, it suddenly heights right before your eyes - high waterfall pouring out huge amount of water.

38 m verzus 1,63 m :)

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