Which London sightseeings are worth visit? | Ako je to s londýnskymi atrakciami?

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London’s most popular places and their true review

London has a lot to offer for everybody – architecture-, nature-, history-, design-lovers… But this article is about the most popular places only. Are they really worth visiting? 

Parks, for instance.  Each one is unique, but all of them are offering connection with nature – laying in the grass, feeding squirrels and swans or – witnessing a huge field of blooming daffodils right in the middle of cold february.

Buckingham palace is a (too) popular sightseeing that attracts tourists from all over the world. And the reality is that no matter how pompous it might appear, it is just a palace that is hidden behind the fence which is surrounded by loads of tourists. For me, it wasn’t the place to make a route for.

Where have you seen this building?

In Harry Potter movies, of course! London has also a few magical places in storage, thus if you want to see beautiful architecture, visit the St. Pancras Station on the way to get a photo on the Platform 9 and ¾ in the nearby King's Cross Station. But don't forget your wand to make that long queue to Hogwarts disappear!

Madame Tussauds' Museum is also one of the very popular attractions packed with tourists. Trust me, you need a lot of patience to get through them. Although the museum has some surprises to offer, at the end of the day you only have hundred selfies with pieces of wax with bunch of another tourists in the backround.

When it comes to museums, the free ones (most of the national museums are totally free in London) can not disappoint – you stay as long as you like and don’t regret it. Since we are not the biggest fans of ancient art, we spent roughly half an hour in the British museum, but on the other hand, we really enjoyed very pompous Victoria & Albert museum with interactive points for kids (and immature adults like us) instead.

London Eye is a new London monument – you can see it from afar and from it, you can see far. The view is really nice, the queue is not.

I trully recommend visiting Greenwich. The Obsevatory locates on a hill with a nice view of London, but that's not the main reason that attracts most of the tourists. The prime meridian, which allows you to take a photo with one leg on the western and other on the easter hemisphere, is. And then, there's a catch. To take this photo, you need to pay a pretty high entrance fee. Well, at least there's a place underneath that wall where you can do the same FOR FREE. Nothing fancy, but the feeling is equal. Don't be discouraged by that, the National Marine Museum (free of charge) and typical English lawn created for resting after a long walk in the city are also pleasure places to go.

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