I fell for Portuguese countryside | Zamilovala som si portugalský vidiek

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Calm, windy and beautiful

There were some doubts in my head when I first read it. „Accommodation resides in a rural area of the natural park...“ I Just hoped that there won’t be many spiders.

All those famous places visited regularly by many people have already some reputation despite different personal experience. But for those places that even google can’t find much about, we tend to use our own fantasy. And nothing can equal the reality, so different, so breathtaking.

Traditional and modern as well – all the houses we've seen.

Every day, we were watching this donkey browsing for food. He simply doesn't care for the world lying outside of his meadow.

Can we stop and stare for a while?

From fields…

…to the table.

In the conclusion, how is Portuguese countryside like? Harsh like ocean whirl, sweet like home oranges, proud as its citizens and as beautiful as can human fantasy really capture it. It varies according to the tile ornaments that prove how can one love this land so much.

© I.V.