A birthday letter | List k narodeninám

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Dear 25-year old me,

I have created this letter as means of motivation, as well as an emotional feature too, because we all need to get emotional sometimes, huh.
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you already made it to the ¼ of 100! And it wasn't that bad life I think. Feel free to be sentimental over all those years.
And this is what I wish to you – „Don't worry, be happy“. It sounds like that famous song, but you should apply this to your everyday routine.


Happiness is the key to fulfilled life. Do what makes you happy, even though it only could be once in a week. Let that moment fill you up and change your day, your week, your month, your year, your life.
A key to that is not expecting anything. Nothing at all from people, places, even occasions, because it's frustrating to experience broken expectations. Others will never behave the way we want them to. It’s better to be surprised nicely than being disappointed.
Be happy no matter what. It's difficult to let go bad experiences or harsh words, but it's always better to know that you are stronger than anger.
Smile a lot, thank for everything, talk to people, even strangers. Knowing other opinions or hearing different stories will change the way you look at life. Smiling at people will give you happiness. If they even smile back, it can always spread further. Just imagine that you can be the one who gives happiness to the world!
Every day of your 25-year-old life (and then forever) when you wake up, just realize, that there are two options to feel. It's not possible to have them both.
And last but not least, be happy when doing what you are obliged to do. It can be boring, annoying or hard, but just try to put some effort and see what happens.


Another essential rule is – not to worry. You don't have the power to change everything that happens to you, but you have the power to change the way you look at it.
„Don't you worry, don't you worry child, haven's got a plan for you..“ I guess this will become one of my favorite songs. Don't get angry if anything doesn't go the way you would like it. You will understand it one day.
When you do anything, be confident about it. Don't care about anybody else's opinion. If you want to wear feathers in your hair, wear it!
Don't imagine bad things before they really happen to you. They will maybe never happen actually. Don't worry about not being strong enough for anything, believe you ARE instead.
I hope you are in a good place now when you are reading this letter. I hope that you have already finished school and moved forward in your life. I hope that when you finish reading this letter, you will be happier person open to everything that comes.
Wishing you the best, till next year,
Your younger you.