As cores de Portugal

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Blossoming piece of happiness

If somebody asked me to define Portugal with one word only, I would choose word COLORFUL for sure. 
Houses, flowers, tiles, so many colors are everywhere, even in the air for those who can feel it.

It's hard not to notice all the colors in the streets of UNESCO heritaged city Óbidos . It's one of those towns where time has stopped for us to admire.

When a tree grows into the house. And into the heart.

Traditional tiles - azulejos - have been creating Portuguese identity since forever. These were everyday part of our trip, but I never got bored of looking at them.

In Lisbon, you think you've already seen everything, but then you turn the nearest corner...

First thing we saw right when we got out of metro. So colorful!

Even nature makes its best to blossom in the most beautiful colors.

Our world would be fading without all these colors :)

We spent an amazing afternoon in Lisbon - to watch the footage, click on the video below.

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