A date with night Munich | Rande s nočným Mníchovom

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I can still feel the warmth on my skin

Everybody who knows me well also knows my adventurous spirit. When I am in a city long enough, I go and explore it more. Alone.

There were only few warm evenings in Munich that year. However, that did not stop me from making long walks, nor darkness did. Actually, it's the opposite. When Munich turned dark for the night, everything got even more magical.

As if it was arranged, a lot of people (and me) gathered by the Friedensengel (Angel of Peace) to watch the Sun go down. We had nothing in common, except - we love life and we know how to enjoy it.

What about weekend evening in the city? Weel, you can surf on the river in the MIDDLE of city (near Haus der Kunst)...

... or perhaps play petanque or dance tango? (Both in Hofgarten)

I get it. Just sit on any of the garden terraces and relax.

So much magic everywhere

I loved this atmosphere so much that I even made a video:

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