Things that nobody tells you about Neuschwanstein | Toto ti o Neuschwansteine nikto nepovie

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The castle is pretty, nature is even prettier

Majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, luxurious palaces and... loads of tourists. Despite of that is this Bavarian castle worth visiting.

Did you know that Neuschwanstein isn't the only castle in the area?

Entrances to the castles are paid, but when it comes to nature, you simply can't buy those views.

Do you think that Neuschwanstein resembles any place a little bit? Well yeah, the fairytale castle in Disneyworld was inspired by it.

But wait - why is everybody talking about the castle and nobody mentions the bridge (with spectacular view on the castle by the way) overloaded with tourists AND an abyss with waterfall right underneath it?

Interested in seeing more of our trip? Watch this video:

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