Poetry behind New York streets | Poézia z newyorských ulíc

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Playful pieces of light dazzle dusky streets, drawing homy patterns on the walls of the nearby buildings. And it's something magical, suddenly.

To have a photo near Brooklyn bridge is a New York-tourist-musthave. To be honest, the bridge itself looks like a pile of scrap iron on the first sight. However, magic can be found anyway, if you look closely.

So now that you are aproaching Brooklyn thanks to the bridge, beautiful views don't end. 

From all the photos (that I ever took probably), this one makes me feel calm and most comfortable with. You might see an older woman reading a magazine. I see poetry behind everyday. Sometimes, an afternoon with a good magazine is all you need to be happy.

And while we were absorbing that mesmerizing atmosphere of the big city, it was all about sunlight again that made its last goodbye for us so spectacular. 

© I.V.