Vintage Krakow

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So vintage, Krakow

If you want to feel like from a vintage movie walking through those cobblestoned streets, you should definitely go to Krakow. It's no wonder why a newlywed couple from my video below chose Krakow streets to photoshoot their very special day; I only hope that bride's dress wasn't borrowed.

There is beauty in shabby...

...and in the shiny.

Street (Ulica) Kanonicza is one of the most beautiful in Krakow, at least according to me ;)

Kazimierz is a former Jewish quarter with well-preserved shops and buildings.

Every man is the artisan of his own fortune. This quote, singing frog and much more will every curiositiy lover find on street Retoryka

Last but not least, Collegium Maius is THE university to study, if you want to feel very special. It's library looks like the one in Hogwarts. Booklovers, head to Krakow!

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