14 tips to enjoy NEW YORK on budget | 14 tipov ako si užiť NEW YORK za lacno

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You don't have to break your piggy bank to enjoy the Big Apple

1. If you’re flying to USA from another continent, make a research of what food is your airline company offering before you depart. I flied with two airlines from Prague to NY and back - Delta nad AirFrance, and they both tried their best to feed us. While the actual meals were not much tasty, all the minor food they gave us – cookies, drinks, sandwiches even an ice cream (look at the picture) were just the best. It is maybe better not to stuff yourself “just in case” before flight as I did  :D.

2. Who would pay for museums when in fact doesn’t have to? To see some world art for cheap, you just need to know which museums are totally for free and which have happy hours when you don’t pay at all or pay what you want. Complete list can be found here. And I just must mention National Museum of American Indian near Wall Street that interestingly represents culture of American Indians (for free, of course) and employs the most entertaining staff.
3. Visit New York Public Library on the corner of the West 47th Street and the 5th avenue. It’s not only offering lots of free documents to read, but it’s actually a very beautiful building too, with a little surprise at every corner. Historical pictures, painting of heaven on the ceiling, minieinteins inspiring visitors to learn. And, of course, you don't pay any entrance fee!
Moreover, just across the street lies the Bryant Park, where you can spot street artists, mass yoga excercise or, as we did in October, an ice-skating ring.
4. Make a river-cross from Manhattan to Brooklyn through the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s not only an interesting walk, but it includes also a beautiful view on Manhattan during which you will meet lots of interesting people. Brooklyn Bridge is simply a must-see.

5Brooklyn Heights is definitely my favorite. When we took a walk through this neighbourhood, we did not feel like in a big city, but like in a pleasant small town instead. Moreover, there is a nice scenic path along the river where you can just sit and stare at the skyscrapers.

6. Don’t miss the chance to take the Staten Island Ferry, which makes rides from Manhattan to Staten Island for free. You will have the breeze in your hair and see Manhattan from unusual point of view. Another option is to take the Ikea ferry from Pier 11, which rides a different route, so you will get different vies. It’s free during weekends and when in sunny weather, it’s possible to go up to the roof with the all-round view.

7. Whisper at the Grand Central Terminal. In front of the Oyster bar and near that amazing great hall with the starry sky painted at the ceiling you can find an arch that is not just an ordinary arch. To make this experiment, you need two people standing counter to one another whispering things towards the wall that only the second person can hear. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

8 . Don’t be afraid to accept freebies. They say that USA is a land of unlimited opportunities, therefore you will maybe have luck like us to find a free smoothie-tasting stool right on the street, couple of street performances or even something better. If it’s free, don’t hesitate. and watch, taste, take.
9. Talk to newyorkers. They can advise, help, but also shorten annoying wating. Most of them are very nice, observant and pretty… great. Don’t forget that people are those who make New York such a special place.

Our faces when we saw all that tourists
10. Do not visit attractions that are not worth it, you need to think in advance. Places that are too far and therefore take long time to get to, are not very suitable for you if you are visiting city for only couple days. As an instance I mention the Wall Street Bull, that is not aloof, but in a constant presence of huge groups of tourists. You won’t even see the whole statue because of them.

11. Visit at least one shop in Times Square or at the 5th avenue. You don’t have to buy anything, just look at all the people and goods. Tematic shops as M&M’s for example will fascinate you with all items shaped into the form of colorful candies. A mindblowing fact is that even at midnight, shops in Times Square look like if it was noon outside due to the bright lights of all the billboards.

12. You just must see New York from above. Absolutelly best views are offered by the skyscrapers that are pretty expensive, but it is actually worth it. Upon this I need to mention Top of the Rock of the Rockefeller center; not only for that breathtaking view, but also for the atmosphere that they brought on the Halloween’s evening.


13. Take the Roosevelt Island Tram. You will see New York from above, have a great experience and it wil cost you only one metro ride (2,70 dollars).

14. Look at our vlog and inspire yourself:

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