5 reasons why Lúčky should be your next destination | 5 dôvodov prečo sa Lúčky oplatí navštíviť

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Waterfall in the middle of the village

If you're considering visiting beautiful Slovak region Liptov, make sure you have Lúčky on your itinerary. Here are the reasons why:

1. It's a cozy village in the middle of beautiful nature, surrounded by high, steep mountains and hills with various opportunities to hike. That includes a pretty difficult hike to Veľký Choč, 1611 m. above sea level. But trust me, it's worth the pain!

2. Talking about nature, it's not only accesible by hike. There is a beautiful, huge waterfall in the middle of the village - I'm sure you will enjoy visiting it.

Veľký Choč
3. After a difficult hike, tourists have some space to relax as well. Only a short walk from the village is spa that offers wellness and peace.

4. Moreover, there are good basic services there. Several grocery shops, post office, few restaurants (we had pizzeria right across the street to seduce us every every evening), even a shop with clothes.  And some of them are even open during the weekend.

5. Lúčky is well situated, not far from Ružomberok (it is possible to travel there with bus) and its UNESCO Vlkolínec; then there is a natural thermal Kalameny nearby (aproximately 45 minutes walk from Lúčky); it is also not far from Dolný Kubín (and therefore close to Orava region) and  the biggest slovak water reservoir Liptovská Mara.

Few final useful tips to help you enjoy your trip:

1. Liptov is one of the coldest regions in Slovakia. Think in advance and take more layers and waterproof clothes. Moreover, morning fog is quite frequent due to the mountains.

2. When hiking to Veľký Choč, follow ONLY red touristic sings. We accidentally followed white ones are ened up on the different hill. Also, the hike is pretty harsh. Take enough water with you and hiking poles.

3. There are few private accomodations in the area, that are cheaper than those which you can book on official accomodation sites. Just search for "privat Lúčky" or "chalupa Lúčky".

That's it. If you're still not convinced yet, watch also following video. It's better to see it once than read about it thousand times. 

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