The 2017 birthday letter | List k narodeninám 2017

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Dear 26-year old me,

it feels unreal that now, while reading this letter, you are already 26 years old. Now let's have a little contemplation. How did you see 26 year old people when you were not even a half of that age? And how did your expectations fulfill? Moreover, if you were child again, would you be excited about growing into the person you are now?
Did you take all the opportunities without regards or does exist anything that you regret (not) doing? You are the only one who knows the answer, but here's my advice.


I think there were enough excuses in your life already and you need to realize that you're getting older and that some opportunities never repeat. Try to turn all the disabilities like momentary health situation, mood or anything else into challenge instead of excuse.
Not all the really good opportunities come right at the time you wish. They will come to make you stronger despite it may seem impossible.
We all have those ideas that would have potential to be different, more innovative and better if we only made them happen. Don't worry to do what you consider being helpful for you and for your community. You don't have to wait for others that will show you a missed chance of yours. Don't wait for others at all. 
Be in contact with people that make your day brighter and let them inspire you. There are lots of teachers among us for those who are able to learn.
Certain people and circumstances belong to your life for a reason. It's up to you what you can gain of it. Be observant to your surroundings and you will feel much happier. Don't hesitate and think a little bit - but not too much - when life gives you a piece of blank paper. Accept it and draw something nice.

Wishing you the best,
Your younger you