Sweat, cursing and the most beautiful views at Cinque Terre | Pot, nadávky a tie najkrajšie výhľady v Cinque Terre

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Normaly, we are nice and grateful young ladies

We'd been already walking for quite a while when our friend suddenly said: "You know we're gonna die in here, right?" That was a breaking point. We burst into tears of laughter, exhaustion and mutual understanding. It was so good and so bad at the same time.

I guess I've already grown out of those regular lazy vacations filled with doing nothing but roasting myself on the beach all day every day. Don't get me wrong, I still consider beaches being one the most perfect places in this world, but I just wanted more this year. I wanted to deserve the beach time. And I never knew how accurate will fulfilling of this aspiration be when hiking Cinque Terre.

How far is the beach?
So, we neatly planned everything in advance (more practical information about Cinque Terre in this article) and roughly knew what to expect. It was the second hike when exhaustion and big heat (in July) transformed our strength for walking to the ability to curse and complain unstoppably, although normally, we are very nice, grateful young women (I swear) 😃. But after all, when we overcame it and found the strength to progress, nature awarded us with the most beautiful views.

Thankfully, human memories are so selective that anytime I reminisce about Cinque Terre, first thing that comes to my mind is an absolute astonishment. And you know what's best? We didn't die (obviously) and if I had a chance, I would return there anytime again.

Our wonderful adventure in motion can be watch in the following video: