Traveling to Oslo with low budget - impossible? | Cestovanie do Osla zalacno - nemožné?

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How to make your wallet happy again

This mission might seem quite impossible (and it's harder than anywhere else to spare som money in Oslo). Nonetheless I have several tips to share how to enjoy pretty expensive Oslo even with low budget. 

1. Although tickets (to Sandefjord, the airport more than 100km away from Oslo) can be really cheap from some European countries (we bought ours for 26 € return!), keep in mind that you need to have some financial reserve always with you. Accomodations, car rentals, even gas pumps work on a deposit system that freezes some amount of money from your acccount. They will be back after some time, but the whole time it's frozen, you cannot do any operations with them, and that can suck. Be prepared for that, take more money with you.

Our airbnb flat
2. Hotels (as well as anything in Norway) are pricey. Thus, it is cheaper to rent a flat or house (especially when traveling as a group) through Not only prices are lower but you will also get the typical Scandinavian experience as most of the accommodations are designed in such style. If you don't know airbnb yet, you can get 25€ credit on your first travel by clicking on this

3. When traveling with a larger group of people, you might consider renting a car (especially when traveling to and from Sandefjord airport), because it will be cheaper than public transport after all. Just be very careful when driving and obey the rules, unless you don't want to get fine (of 100 € for bad parking) like us. Then it's not so cheap anymore.

4. During the warm days, Oslo is a very chill, easy-going city. Everybody is sitting or lying in the public places, even on the Opera house roof! Make some time to just relax and be part of that chill community. 

5. My favorite place in the city is called Arkershus festning, which is also a very relaxing place. The fortress above harbor with beautiful view will cost you nothing.

6. You can find so many statues of any kind, sort, theme you can only imagine all over the city. I guarantee you will find at least one you will like. And then there are also dozens of very, very strange (and nude) sculptures in the Vigelands park. I bet that this park has the largest concentration of naked sculptures at one place. Although I didn't like it, it was an... interesting experience.

7. I never knew that Oslo is such a mecca for graffiti. City is splashed with colorful murals, but there is actually also a place fully reserved for graffiti makers and people with such lifestyle called Ingens gate. It's a must!

8. If you're interested in the museums, Bygdoy peninsula is the place to be. If you stay a little bit longer after opening hours, you will maybe experience a beautiful sunset for free. Take some food and make a picnic on the shore.

Sunset at Bygdoy
9. Speaking of food, when traveling with low budget, don't expect eating in restaurants. Take some food with you or shop in the grocery stores instead. Or maybe it's time for a new diet, don't you think? ;)

Want to see our trip? Watch this video:

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