All you need to know about Cinque Terre | Všetko, čo treba vedieť o Cinque Terre

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Cinque Terre is such a beautiful region. It includes five truly distinctive towns (Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Riomaggiore and Manarola), that are part of the UNESCO heritage. No wonder - Cinque Terre is everything you need for an active vacation.

Hiking from Levanto to Monterosso
The most important, hiking trailswith beautiful vistas ending in lovely, although tourists-packed towns. Some locals advised us the hike from neighbouring Levanto to Monterosso, where we relaxed on the beach after quite long, almost 3-hour long walking. This is a truly beautiful hike and it's free (you need to have a paid permission for others). In its highest point, the view opens up for all
five towns.
Enchanting Volastra 
Corniglia to Vernazza hike was the most difficult hike for us. In summer, it is a long, parched path. Moreover, when starting the journey from Corniglia train station, you need to cross several hundred stairs to get up first. Thus, I recommend to start the hike other way around, it's better to walk down the stairs at the end than losing power by climbing them at the beginning. But this path has also a little secret - slightly visible sign on the wood rail - Beach - 20 min. And it may be the most extraordinary beach you've ever seen.
Vineyards along the path from Manarola
We made Manarola to Cornigliahike easier - a minibus transfers tourists from Manarola to Volastra roughly every hour. From there, you can continue hiking the most interesting path on your own. It's surrounded by terrace vineyards and sparkling blue seaview. Once in a while you just need to step aside for other tourists going opposite direction - bongiorno, bongiorno.
Manarola to Riomaggiore hike, the shortest one, was closed at the time of our visit and we had no time for the last one - from Vernazza to Monterosso. Nevermind, we have the best memories anyway.

How do you get to Cinque Terre?
The closest airports are located in Pisa, Genova and Florence, you choose (moreover, each of these cities is worth visiting too).
Cinque Terre Card
To get to Cinque Terre and for the routes between each of the towns, the best option is to use train. You can buy tickets at the cash desk, in the red machines (better with help of a station worker) or on the internet through or Be aware of changes, however. Although you may find a route from city A to city B, it doesn't mean you don't have to change trains in cities A1, A2,...
Tickets are fixed on time, so, do not hesitate too long to change.
The best option to travel between each Cinque Terre cities (if you want to hike too) is Cinque Terre train card. It allows you to enter the paid hiking trails, unlimited train and bus travel, wifi and toilets on every train station for free. For more information, click here or visit Cinque Terre point on every station.

Breakfast among the flowers
Accomodation in Cinque Terre is, to be honest, pretty expensive. Cheaper options may be pleasant airbnb place La Grotta Azzurra in Levanto, which we really enjoyed - the hardest decicion to make there was whether to have breakfast in the cave or beautiful flower garden. And every day, a nice waiter from the neighbouring restaurant greeted us through the window. Buona Sera, Buona Sera. If you never used airbnb before, click here and get a 25 € coupon for your first reservation.
I can only recommend staying in neighbouring towns Levanto and La Specia. Both are included in the card, you can travel between them for free.

That's all for practical tips. Here are several more to make your trip unique. Just don't forget to:
  • take enough water, sunscreen and a hat in summer,
  • that the best views come after the hardest climbs and that only a few days are not enough to explore, taste, walk... the whole area completely,
  • take a stroll through narrow streets in the towns and inhale that Italian atmosphere,
  • use the toilet before the hike, just in case,
  • buy some seasonal fruit. Mini watermelon that I bought was the sweetest I've ever had,
  • buy original pesto genovese from local shops,
  • charge the camera. You just must capture that beauty,
  • take a glass of wine every evening, put your feet high and reminisce about all the beautiful moments that happened during the day. 
    Don't forget to explore narrow streets.

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