How to get to Vlkolínec? | Ako sa dostať do Vlkolínca?

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It's easy to fall in love with Vlkolínec, it's more difficult to get there

Believe or not, although Vlkolínec is a UNESCO heritage village, it's a bit difficult to get there. What are the best transportation options then?

1. By car
If you have a car, forget about the first sentence. You will get to Vlkolínec easily whenever you want. There is a parking lot right in front of the village.

2. By foot
I don't recommend going by foot from Ružomberok already, unless you are willing to risk your life on the road without pavement. Instead of that, you can travel by bus to Biely potok, and continue your journey by foot from there. You have two options - either you can climb the hill or walk around it. If you climb the hill after the rain, it will be full of mud and it's pretty steep so don't expect a pleasant walk (especially when you are wearing ballerinas like I was). On the other side, you will get some nice views along the way.
The second option is less adventurous and longer - you are walking down the concrete road whole time. However, this is the best option for cycling.

3. By bus

You can get straight to Vlkolínec from Ružomberok pretty comfortable by bus, but there's a catch. The bus is departing only twice a day (work days only) - 8:25 and 16:45 from Ružomberok bus station and 8:50 and 17:10 from Vlkolínec. Despite this, do not get discouraged to visit Vlkolínec. It is worth visiting anyway! Just take a look on the following pictures.

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