What I love about Italy | Čo na Taliansku milujem

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There's something about Italy that always makes me go back. 

As Kylie Flavell says in one of her amazing videos:

"If you've ever been on holiday to Italy, you might know the feeling when you're about to leave all this color and passion and beauty... How can I go back to my life now, you think, how can I go back to reality knowing that there's a place like this where people seem to eat better, love more intensely, live more..."

and I silently agree with her. There is just something about all those little Italian towns and villages that make you appreciate beauty in this life. They call it Dolce Vita. I can feel it.

Little things make me feel this way - sparkling blue sea, pink flowers, old men sitting on the benches saying "bella" to the passer-by women, smell of the open terrace restaurants, markets with fresh fruit, people strolling slowly through the narrow streets....

I'm not talking about the most famous, big Italian cities as Rome, Venice or Florence right now. Sure, they're very beautiful and unique, but I never had feeling of going truly personal with them. And, of course, there are LOADS of tourists around every time.

In my experience, the smaller Italian city, the cozier you feel... and locals, they will always insert smile to everything they do. And peace. They don't have a clue what that chaotic "big city rush" is. And me... I appreciate that places like there still exist.

Having a balcony on the second floor here is fun.

Evening walks during warm summer evenings? I ask for no more.

The sweetest watermelon I've ever eaten. It tasted like summer.

Can I have more of these colors in my life, please?

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