Why I choose Lucca over Pisa | Prečo by som si radšej vybrala Luccu ako Pisu

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Take a break from Pisa

Pisa is a great place to visit. For the first five minutes. That's roughly adequate time to admire beauty of Square of Miracles. And then you only can focus on them.

How to avoid them, how to exclude them from the photos background, how to watch out your belongings. The only thing you notice are tons of TOURISTS and plenty of other people. And then you take a train ride to the place that is also filled with history, but where peace lives.

However, you can't simply state that Lucca is empty and not lively enough. Few people are constantly walking down the squares, but not in the hurry to make the best photo. And every summer, Lucca festival introduces world's famous celebrities. It's almost unbelievable to imagine such stars as Imagine Dragons, Robbie Williams or Macklemore performing on the not-so-big square.

If you're a fan of historic architecture, you won't be disappointed either. Take a walk along the top of city wall that protects this town since renaissance. Don't forget visiting Palazzo Pfanner, round square Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, and the most interesting of all - tower Torre Guinigi  that not only offers a pretty view, but has a true rarity - trees growing at the top of the tower! And that's something you don't see every day. 
Moreover, Lucca only gains from the fact that it is situated near Pisa, Florence and Livorno, thus it makes a perfect stop in your Italy trip.

So now that you decided to visit Lucca, I have one more advice for you. If you're planning to book an accommodation, make sure you search for it as soon as possible. There aren't many in the town and it would be best to avoid the situation we were in - without blankets, but with strangers' shoes on the shelf. But that's another story. 

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