Budapest won't empty your pockets | Budapešť vám nevyprázdni vrecká

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All kinds of experiences in one city

Budapest surprised me. Of course, it has a classical European feeling, but a few little surprises in storage too. Moreover, a traveler won't pay much after all.

Denmark, Poland, Angola and Slovakia
on one photo. I mean, in one room.
Speaking of prices, accommodation there is the cheapest for what I've ever seen so far. Because I traveled single for the first time, I chose a hostel. For 8 € per night, I not only gained a place to sleep, but friends from all over the world as well.

My general advice to enjoy Budapest is - make time for relax. Either for traditional spas, where relax is guaranteed (I advise you to visit them straight in the morning - any "half-price" or "one-hour" ticket doesn't exist) and for city parks.
Margaret Island (Margit sziget) is the only traffic-free part of Budapest, therefore you should enjoy it by foot or by bike. During summer days, smell of roses in the garden will attract you and your partner (if you travel with one). Grab her/his hand, a picnic basket and enjoy one perfect day in the most beautiful sites of this park. And if you're lucky, you'll maybe meet a furry friend like this one :)
Don't miss another attraction, however - the dancing fountain with a different music show every hour.
The city park - Varosliget - with the castle is also worth a walk and it's completely free to visit. It's a home for the most famous spas Szechényi and in winter, an area near the park transforms into the huge ice pond.

Everybody, even a budget traveler will burst with joy over the fact that they can enjoy truly beautiful views of the city totally for free (I mean, if hundreds of stairs sound attractive to you). Watch the Sun go down from Citadella or sunrise from castle walls; it will always be a perfect experience. And while heading to the top of Citadella, do visit also that super-ultra-modern playground on the way up. And no, you won't be the only adult to jump, swing and scream around with joy.
This is how Budapest looks like from Citadella. For free!

When you already visit the Buda Castle, pretty view is not the only interesting part - find the secret door to the beautiful balcony - make tons of photos on the beautiful balcony, admire squares, street artists and architecture as represented by Matthias Church (Mátyás templom) or Fisherman's bastion (Halászbástya)...
 ...but most importantly, take some instagram-friendly pictures on the most beautiful street in Budapest - Orságház utca.

Ready for Budapest? Take a look on this video as well:

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