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Montmartre is Paris you've always imagined

World-famous places, traditional architecture, cozy cafés and a few unusual attractions that don't cost a cent. That is Montmartre, will you take a walk with me?
This itinerary in duration of approximately of 2-3 hours could be also called What not to miss along the way from Sacré-Coeur to Moulin Rouge, as these two popular buildings (that don't have anything else in common) determine our track.
Starting with 1. Basilica Sacré-Cœur, I must say that it's way more beautiful outside than inside. Even though it's not as breath-taking as more popular Notre Dame Cathedral, it's worth visit.

Numbers 2. (La Maison Rose), 3. (La Bonne Manquette), 4. (Le Consulat) label "only" restaurants, but three of the most photogenic places of Montmartre as well. I bet that instagram will show you at least one when searching for #montmartre.
5. Have you always wanted to have supernatural powers? Then Le Passe-Muraille is the right place to be. When you touch the hand of man stuck in wall, maybe you will gain ability of passing through walls as well. But hey, don't try this at home!

Search for number 6 and you will find one of the most beautiful metro stops in the city - Abbesses - with iconic "Metropolitain" sign. But you also must find the right entrance (there are obviously more than one; we couldn't find these colorful murals). 

Only a few steps from the Abbesses station is a tiny green yard with ... a wall. But it's not an ordinary wall, its design is composed of hundreds love quotes from various languages - 7. Le mur des je t'aime. Whether you're trying to confess love to your partner or to find your language amongst others, it's a nice stop anyways.  
While reaching our aim - the red mill Moulin Rouge, you will certainly pass some beautiful places, as well as some curiosities. People browsing on the trashcans in the middle of a street and shops with truly untypical items 😆 Speaking of Moulin Rouge, you must not leave Paris without a photo on the big "fan" in front of it.

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