Don't go to sleep in Budapest | V Budapešti sa večer spať neoplatí

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Here's why

In the other way around, you would miss Budapest's night splendor. To be honest, this city shines more after dusk than during the day.
It's difficult to decide what is the most noticeable dominant of the night city -  the Chain Bridge or the Parliament?
Walking through the city streets includes few surprises as well. Well, Hungarians obviously love lights. And me too :)
Christmas time only adds to that. When near the St. Stephen's Basilica, wait half an hour for the christmas projection also!
I don't know any other place for the better night view than Citadella.
Exhausted after all that running around the city? Then sit down and take a sip of cold beer at Gosdu Udvar.
Uh, oh, and watch THIS video also :):

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