I didn't expect Bodrum to be so... | Nečakala som, že je Bodrum taký...

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Where Orient meets Europe, or the Turkish city full of colors and little surprises. And a nice place to relax, even during low season. 
What to visit in Bodrum?

1. Walk through those cute streets alongside the shore leading to the Castle. I even didn't know where to look (or what to shoot) first - an alley leading to the beach on one side, a street with colorful umbrellas on the other. And which color is the most popular in Bodrum? Blue, of course! 

One Atatürk is simply not enough!

2. Visit harbor. Admire huge boats, handmade sellers' stalls, fish market or sit down and enjoy the surroundings.

Fresh oranges mellowing outside are the sweetest :)

Yes, they also decorate trees in Bodrum 😄

3. History lover? A simple weekend trip won't be enough for you. Also called Halikarnass in the past, this city is full of sightseeings - the Castle with Museum of Underwater Archaeology; remains of one of The Seven Wonders of the World - Mausoleum, ancient Amphitheatre build into the rock, Myndos gates and much more that will give you a glimpse of an ancient world that Bodrum was once part of.

4. Stop by the local shops with charming items and unique atmosphere. Colorful glass lanterns, hand-painted plates and bowls, clothes and, of course, blue eye talismans supposed to ward off evil eye. But if you want to take pictures of this beauty, you will maybe need to ward off merchants' evil eye, as they usually prohibit doing so. In other shops (where they understand marketing), will maybe make pictures like these :)

5. Watch sunset from above. After an easy hike uphill, you'll have whole city in sight. Look for windmills Değirmen, or, to be more exact, for their remains in decay. However, imagine how many times they must have already been witnesses of such beautiful sunsets! 

6.  Have fun! Discover all those little surprises in the area, try local dishes on sea view terraces and call home from dolphiphone 😂

7. Last but not least, inspire yourself following our journey in this video:

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