The most beautiful Barcelona's neighborhood | Najkrajšia Barcelonská štvrť

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And the winner is ... Barri Gotic!

Okay, I know, there are more popular and livelier parts of Barcelona. But for me, Barri Gotic has it all – history and street art, touristy areas and intimate little streets; it's close to the city center and whole world of its own.

A visit in the morning or in the evening is even more beautiful. These streets just look so good with low sunlight.
You might think that this neighborhood is a perfect place for historic architecture lovers and it's true. But if you like street art as well, you won't be disappointed either. Take advantage of shops that are yet closed in the morning and be creative with their shutters' art!
Don't worry, only pretending ;)
There are even more surprises along the way. Original roman columns (Barri Gotic is the oldest part of Barcelona) are preserved under the roof now. There are several remains thorough the whole place, so, go and touch history (I mean, literally), it's free!
Or when we entered into the cloister of Barcelona Cathedral (that we found out later, though), and first, we were not sure about its purpose. It looks like a church, except it has a large yard with a fountain, palmtrees, geese and fishes in the middle. Not a regular religious building, but it certainly has a tranquil vibe.
When in Barri Gotic, keep your eyes open - all those details are just amazing!

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