Top unusual things to do in Paris for free | Top netradičné zdarma veci v Paríži

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Paris was recently labeled as the most overrated city in the world. And it's true.. except it's not. Yes, the streets are packed with tourists (better case), weird individuals (worse case) and stink like piss; attractions are pretty pricey and so on. But, there are truly unique places in Paris that can not be found in any other place. To enjoy french capital for less money, you need:

1. to be less than 26 (and from EU), or visit in the right time.
At least Versailles gardens were free for this oldie
If Paris equals worldwide art for you, to see it for free, you just need to be young European or to visit it in the right time (on first Sunday of month, in most cases). LouvreMusée d'Orsay and Château de Versailles are only few of the most popular (and the most expensive) attractions, that offer free entrance in some special cases. The complete list of these and others that are permanently free for those who don't belong into any of these categories is here.
2. There are other options to enjoy art. Even... in the most unusual forms. With its best representative 59 Rivoli, a building, that is now home for unconventional ways of art. When searching for unusual artistic expressions, you should walk through Jardin des Tuileries or Grand Palais. Who knows, maybe you'll see a fountain with green water or some interesting instalations too 😉. If you don't have a free access (or additional time) to visit Louvre, maybe you'll find a showcase of its popular artworks at the metro station Louvre-Rivoli interesting.
59 Rivoli is just... a different experience ;)
Some piece of art. In metro. So what?
3. Metro stations. Find a treasure among regular metro stations. My favorite is Arts et Métiers station, which looks like interior of submarine to me, even though it's not. But still, it's cool!
4. City neighbourhoods as MontmartreLe Marais ot Latin Quarter preserved their original look, so walk through their streets with typical cafés that won't keep your camera alone. Tips on visiting Montmartre here.
5. Raining again? Keep your feet dry in the most beautiful shopping center I've ever seen - Galeries Lafayette. When traveling with low budget, you will probably only casting glances instead of real shopping, but there's a wifi and such a pretty free view of city on the highest floor –  terrace!
Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, source
6. When you've already seen everything "popular" in Paris, or if you're only bored of following those touristy things that you already know from kitschy souvenirs, my tip is simple – don't visit them. Add these places to your itinerary instead: fairytale-like park Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, cozy houses overgrown with greenery Cité Florale, the most colorful street Rue Cremieux and La Défense with its brand new architecture alongside some very interesting art installations.

To wrap it up, take a look on our trip (yep, with few very popular places):

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