10 free things to do in BARCELONA | 10 vecí, ktoré sú v BARCELONE zdarma

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Because you can't buy ambience

Even though we traveled to Barcelona in January, it was there - nice, calm ambience. And it got us. Despite the fact that we haven't seen everything we planned, this is for sure - Barcelona is an exceptional city and everybody will find what is looking for. Even the biggest fans - of  football and art. And life.
It all costs something, but way less if you are smart.

1. Sundays are free

Equally as another European cities, Barcelona also offers free first Sundays (or Thursdays) entrances. If you are not planning to visit the city at the beginning of the month, a lot of places are open to public every Sunday after 3 pm. Here's the complete list . 

2. Parc Guell is free

Did you know that you can also entry the popular Parc Guell for free as well? One hour before and one hour after opening hours (check it on the official site, it depends on season) is Zona monumental free for everybody as well (otherwise 7,50€). It's little bit harsh in winter months due to late sunrise and early sundown, but here's a picture we managed to shoot in january.
I don't recommend paid entrance to a budget traveler. Do you know those two fairytale-like beautiful buildings? Yep, those are the ONLY two buildings in the Zona. So, while waiting for free entrance, stroll through the free part of the park, which is bigger, equally beautiful, full of beautifully smelling flowers and a nice view.

3. Another parks

Thanks to its climate, you can spend almost whole year in the parks of this city. Whether you choose artistic Parc de Joan Miró or the most popular Parc de la Ciutadella, it's all green, blossoming and relaxing out there.

4. Street artists

They're everywhere, you don't need to search for them. Harphists, dancers, singers, bands... it's lively in Barcelona, you won't resist it. Don't resist to watch a little video below also ;)

5. Beach

Barceloneta is free and for everybody. Whether you're in for a break from busy day or having late afternoon picnic while watching the Sun going down, a single look on rolling waves will calm everybody down.

6. Visit neighborhoods

Get lost in Barcelona's neighbourhoods as PoblenouBarri GoticRavalGràcia. Discover their secrets, your experience will be more unusual. Read about (and admire) Barri Gotic, about which I wrote here.

7. Enjoy the views

Either during day or night, Barcelona just looks great from Palau National stairs. Moreover, right underneath them is situated the Magic fountain with its magic show (if you're lucky).
For the best view, climb to Bunkers del Carmel, it's worth it.

8. Walk around Palau de la Música 

Unfortunately, you must pay to see interior of this building (but there is a free preview from the other side, where a café is), however, the exterior is also worth glancing at. Pretty tiles, cozy little streets and abstract art, that's what you get.

9. Graffiti

Every neighborhood from the point 6. has its own, La Rambla is also more colorful when siesta strikes the town, but the liveliest place is Jardin de les Tres Xemeneies. It's a paradise not only for street artists, for all rollers likewise.

10. Accommodation

I suppose that the prices go up with rising season, and for that reason, it would probably be cheaper to search for an interesting and cheaper accommodation through airbnb.com. If you have never used this site before, gain your 25 € discount by clicking here. We managed to live in a flat with two Venesuelans with this view. And that's what's traveling about! :)

Don't leave now. Here's an inspiring video of mine :) :  

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  1. Beautiful video and blog post. Thank you responding to my question on Shut up and Go! This definitely inspires me to visit Barcelona. :)

    1. Thank you, your support means a lot to me! :)

    2. And I hope your tip will be/was as amazing mine :)


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