The best traveling memories | Najlepšie cestovateľské spomienky

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Happy Fools' Day!

Laughing at others is too easy. Laughing at myself is way funnier! Following photos are here to show you that I have many reasons for smile (or hysterical laugh sometimes). I usually don't publish any of these, but for this very special occasion - here they are - crème de la crème of my travel albums.
Category 1. Other humans
Whether they planned it or not, these legends made every trip special. Moreover, scrolling through the photos afterwards would never be so funny without them 😁.
Smile is ready, position is set, everything perfec...
We apparently didn't have the same record in the headphones.
Let's air our armpits!
Moulin Rouge is an extraordinary place...
Another passer-by
Category 2. Magic of the moment
The more unexpected, the better.
É macarena!
What a view!
Category  3. Every man is artisan of his own picture
Apparently, something smelled bad there
So boring, these sunsets...
Silly me! I forgot to turn off the oven! 
Only this little missing to the perfect shoot!
Selfie is not my speciality.

Category 4. Disfavourable conditions
Once air, another time litter that make our photo truly ...unusual
Taking photos right after hiking wasn't my best idea. And no, I wasn't naked!
Am I in the frame?
So beautiful, this Moulin Rouge ...
Capture the surroundings too, would you?

Category 5. Saving the best for last

Because traveling is fun afterall.
I don't have time for this anymore! She's everywhere!

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