Brno, Macocha and other - a weekend in Czech Republic | Brno, Macocha a okolie - víkend v ČR

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An abyss, pretty houses and a fountain clock

Not far from Bratislava (the place I live in), and (therefore) a perfect place to visit - this is all we've seen during two-days car trip through Morava region, Czech Republic.

The Macocha abyss vith the view that makes you dizzy
While standing on the highest observation point above the Macocha abyss, you will probably feel dizzy a little bit. On its bottom, the beautiful Punkevní cave is situated. It's the most popular cave of all in the area, that's why you should reseve the tickets ahead. Chances of managing it like us - gaining tickets after a person that didn't came, are low ;) The cave is unique for the reason that between particular places, you can only take a boat to get through them.

For many, the Czech city of Brno is connected with the Spilberk castle, but you should also walk colorful streets nearby as well. At 11:00 am, you have a chance to sharpen your eye in order to catch the ball from the unique clock machine and when it's dark, enjoy evening among others sitting near the colorful fountain that does not only show time, but can play water tetris as well!

Nearby villages
Villages in Morava look beautiful at pictures. We travelled purposely to Louka to see a 91-year old woman's art, but another village, Strážnice, insterested us along the way. Nice, isn't it?

Watch our trip in motion here:

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