How to travel cheaper part 1 | Ako cestovať čo najlacnejšie časť 1.

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Everything I know about cheap travel

Two most important factors for saving as much money as possible while traveling are FLEXIBILITY and PREPAREDNESS. 

Flexibility is much needed in the process of buying airplane tickets. Generally, Tuesday and
Wednesday tickets tend to be much cheaper. On the other side, of course, flying during (before) weekend is more expensive.
Facebook groups make search for sales easier. They‘re quick and make the work instead of you – it‘s the fastest way of being in touch with what is on right now.
Another effective option is email newsletter – after choosing your preferred airport, you will receive emails with sales and special offers – there are plenty of such websites, as skyscanner or flightor.
If you have an exact destination in mind, use price alert, a website service that applies when you have the dream destination chosen and wait for the best price. As soon as it drops, you will  receive an e-mail.
Generally, switching to incognito mode and deleting browser‘s history is very helpful. 
Finally, it‘s cheaper to buy tickets straight through the airline‘s official website so you don‘t pay additional service tax of another site. When I‘m combining flights, I usually use azair, which searches for the best possible combination and then redirects me directly to the site.

Prices of accommodation also depend on flexibility. If you‘re flexible enough to sleep on somebody‘s couch for free (even though you're expected to bring a gift or to pay for groceries etc.), couchsurfing is suitable for you. The bonus is that usually, the hosts are sociable people that love company and are interested in other cultures. One disadvantage is that as a guest in somebody‘s house, you obey THEIR rules. 
If you‘re interested in unusual accommodation, you can find one even for cheap on airbnb. If you don't have an airbnb account yet, gain your first 30 € credit by clicking on this link.
Sometimes, it‘s cheapest to choose a hotel or hostel that you should compare on the internet for the best price. Moreover, I‘ve found the same offers of accommodation with different names and different prices several times ! Make your research.