Walking the bluest streets in the world | Najmodrejšími uličkami sveta

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Prepare for a lot, a looot of blue

Pictures of Chefchaouen, the Moroccan blue city, are shared all over the internet nowadays, and it's no wonder why. It's one of the most photogenic places in the world and a must have place for instagram pictures :) And there's more that will shock you than only blue houses.

If you got used to the overwhelming atmosphere of big cities' medinas, Chefchaouen will calm you down. Like its climate, local people are less passionate as well, although ready to help you when needed. The most spoken languages there are Spanish and Arabic.

When walking through medina, you'll certainly discover lots of pretty streets, but the most popular one is probably Callejon El Asri. And yes, it's the one with colorful pots ;)

And maybe, you'll too run across some alive peacocks or ostrich on a street.

When you already have enough of colorful streets, look over the place from spanish mosque, which is also a meetpoint for marihuana sellers. Didn't I mention that the blue color isn't the only thing that will shock you there?

Several tips for your trip:

1. Pack warm clothes. Chefchaouen is a mountain town and it gets chilly often there. Local accommodations tend to be chilly inside too. Long-sleeve pajamas and a sweater are good to have. 
2. You can choose traveling by buses from the major northern cities as Tetouan, Tanger of Fes. It's the option we also chose on the way there for 5 €. On the way back, we chose a taxi, which costs around 100 € for the whole car (6 seats).
If you choose a bus, you'll see another part of the city as you'll pass through it. It's interesting as well, but less blue.
3. You can also wander through a locals' market offering seasonal fruit or worn shoes showcased on a blanket. Moroccans just love selling (anything).
4. One day visit is probably enough for this town.  However, an authentic feel comes in the morning as all the shops are closed and streets are people-less. It looks little bit as Diagon Alley to me.

Watch our blue experience in motion here:

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