5 things that shocked me about Malta | 5 vecí, ktoré ma na Malte šokovali

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Until I arrived to Malta, I received a few "recommendations" of people that never visited it - that it's an uninteresting and boring country. I have one recommendation in return - travel more, talk less. And read this blog. Because here are 5 things that surprised me about Malta: 

1. that it's so small 
It's pretty hard to find Malta on world's map, but I help you - it's that tiny dot right under Italy. Archipelago of Malta, Gozo and Komino and a few uninhabited islands in the area - that all is Malta, although the biggest island is only 316 km² big. The southernmost and northernmost parts are only 30 kilometers apart. It must be really easy to travel thorough such a tiny island, right? Not quite, read nr. 2. 

2. that they ride crazily
There's no difference between choosing a car or a bus for traveling around the island. Maltese drive crazy, and on the other side of the road as the majority of the world. Good advice for you - do not travel by bus with full stomach, hold tightly (even if you are sitting). If you're driving, patience and some swears will come useful.
3. that Maltese is so weird 
Language was the first shock I received when I looked at map of Malta. It's nowhere around any European language - full of difficult-pronouncing names and letters I've never seen anywhere else. Thank God there are two official languages - and the second is English, which leads us to nr. 4
4. that British influence is still a big deal there
It's obvious from previous sentences that there's still some kind of British influence in Malta, but after 50 years of independence, people still drive on the other side, English is the second official language, British adapters are required, and afterall, you still can find red telephone boxes thorough the island. 

5. that it's so interesting
I don't think that rich history, rocky coasts, beautiful lagoons, hidden sea caves or breathtaking cliffs would not impress anyone (even those stubborns from the beginning of this article). I don't recommend spending your Malta vacation in a hotel and on a beach only. You would miss a lot ;) You can read more about what to visit in Malta in the next article.

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