How does the smallest republic look like? | Ako to vyzerá v najmenšej republike sveta?

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Sore feet and Christmas in July 

Did you ever want to visit one of those little European states to see what's different there? I did, so am grateful for oportunity to visit the smallest republic in the world - San Marino. It's located on Northwest Italy (although it's a country of its own) and it's... really small.

Oh, views. They're really beautiful, the whole country is basically one big hill with a castle on top. To see Rimini beach coast from above (which is covered with fog on my photo), you must walk uphill a looot.
It seem like she also experiences sore feet :D

There are no official customs there, therefore, you need to ask for it in the tourist office. It's paid, but undoubtedly unique :)

Walk those pretty streets and you will maybe notice shop La Casa del Natale, where Christmas is all year round. It's such a change instead of yellow Limoncello which you can not overlook (and taste). 

Fun fact: if you like San Marino so much that you would like to become a citizen, the prime condition is to be a resident for 30 years. Then, try.

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