Where to cool in Munich for free | Kde sa v mníchove osviežiť zdarma

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Relax and adrenaline

Usually, to survive summer in a city requires a lot of strength. Local pools might seem like good solutions, but if your wallet isn't the heaviest of all, there are more interesting ways to refresh yourself during hot days in Munich, Germany. 

1. English garten
Despite the fact that swimming is prohibited, you'll meet more people here on Sunday afternoon than at a music festival. Swimming isn't only audacity here - some people don't have any problem with nudity either - although they're usually more than 60 years old 😒😂.
You can either choose slower river flow or a place with wild flow, but be prepared that in some places, it's hard to get out and you'll be carried away. But it's still worth it :)

2. Surf and the city
It's possible to surf on these wild places in English garten's river and I know about one place for sure - Eisbachwelle near Haus der Kunst. Let's take your surf and have a great time right in the city center!

3. Lakes
Aiming for more relax? You have variety of lake "beaches" to choose from, for example farther Starnberger See and Ammer See, where you can travel with public transport or nearer Feldmochinger See, Langwieder See...

4. Fountains
When walking around the city, you can cool yourself in fountains. The most beautiful (in my opinion) is Wittelsbach fountain, the most effective locates on Karlsplatz. Don't worry, you won't be only one walking or runing among the water sprays :)

5.  One with a view
I have a tip for those who are resistant to an idea to dip in water. You will cool yourself in Olympiapark viewpoint on a hill. Wind's always blowing there, so be prepared for flying hair pictures!  😉

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