Lublana cheap and unusual: What to see?

Dragons, bridges and a place of unlimited fantasy

Capital city of Slovenia Lubljana can be a perfect weekend trip for you, or just an interesting place to visit. What did I like in the city the most?

It's undoubtedly the most interesting place I've recently seen. It's possible that every time you visit it, you'll discover something new - a little detail. This street or rather square is a Museum of free art glued together with things both possible and impossible - graffiti, mosaics, wall arts, a drum which begins to play as you approach it, cups built into the wall and many more which complete that unique universe called Metelkova.

Private rain in the city center
In summer, of course. On Prešerenov trg, you can find a "rainy" zone, where can every passers-by cool themselves under eternal rain. It comes handy after all day walking :)

Bridges and the river
Bridges make the city more romantic without a doubt. They're all different, but still photogenic. And if you don't have at least one selfie with a dragon from dragon bridge, you've never really been there :)

Look at the pretty view, but don't miss the castle's underground once you're there as well. You can become a dragon like this for awhile there :)

It's a beautiful big park filled with nice chillout places. Lakes, a greenhouse, gardens and sometimes an event - it's all worth a walk. 

There are water taps on several places thorough the city where you can fill your bottle with cold fresh water safe to drink. One of these places is Vodnikov trg (market).

Finally, watch our adventure in motion here :)

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