Alone in the morning city - my prettiest memory of Zadar

Empty colorful streets smelling of fresh bread

In last few months, I enjoy waking up early.  Not that I wouldn't look like this shortly after waking up (in average 5 days a week)...

...but I acknowledge that the reward is sweet after all.

So I decided to discover the town alone early in the morning on my last year's vacation.

Zadar streets are beautifully colorful. As I walked around, I watched waiters preparing tables for first customers and little shops opening their doors for the first time in a day. Smell of fresh bread was  spreading through the town. 

I returned to Croatia after 10 years. During my first visit, I spent a lot of time in search of discotheques (well, we all had our "times" 😁), and during the last one, I was in search of tranquility. It's obvious that I matured psychically too, now that I'm enjoying different things. And I'm so glad! 

© I.V.